Sunday 14 April 2013

Exhibition of bird photos in Khartoum

I look forward to seeing the exhibition of bird photos by Julie Dewilde starting at Universal Cafe tomorrow. It will be running until April 25th and it will be possible to buy photos at the exhibition. Unfortunately, Julie will be leaving Khartoum soon to start some bird survey work in Canada. I have enjoyed birding with her around Khartoum and reading her trip reports from further afield. I'm sure we all wish her the best of luck with the exhibition and with her new job in Canada. I include a map of the Amarat district of Khartoum showing the location of Universal Cafe for those that don't know it. There is a tiny sign outside in the shape of a tea cup, so it is not easy to find unless you are looking. For those that have not been before, it is a cafe and restaurant with good quality Italian (mainly) food. It has a nice garden and is a major hang-out for expats.