Thursday, 30 January 2014

North Kordofan - by Hakim Abdi

There is very little information available about the birds of North Kordofan, so when I received a list of species seen by Hakim Abdi I was interested in posting his sightings. Hakim is a PhD student studying remote sensing of Net Primary Productivity in the Sahel. Although birds are not the primary focus of his work, he is interested in how diversity-related aspects of NPP sustain palearctic migrants. I was particularly interested in his sighting of such a large flock of Lesser Kestrels, plus the numbers of locusts. I look forward to seeing more of his research and hearing more about his bird sightings in this little-known area. I thank Hakim for permission to post his records. Tom Jenner

Lesser Kestrel, North Kordofan (Hakim Abdi)

Part of a large flock of 200 Lesser Kestrels, North Kordofan (Hakim Abdi)

Location: In a marshy area to the east of the road between Khartoum and Kosti on 17 January 2014
1 Squacco Heron 

Location: El Obeid on 22 January 2014
2 Long legged Buzzard
1 Black Kite

Location: Near Demokeya Village in North Kordofan on 23-26 January 2014
7 Masked Shrike
4 Woodchat Shrike
27 Isabelline Wheatear
200+ Lesser Kestrel
3 Hoopoe
2 Dark Chanting Goshawk
1 Marsh Harrier
5 Black-eared Wheatear
2 Little Bee-eater
3 Blue-naped Mousebird 
2 Abyssinian Roller 
1 Common (Steppe?) Buzzard
1 Black Kite
1 Aquila sp. (too far to ID)
1 Lanius excubitor sp. (a quick glimpse, no ID)
1 Sunbird sp.

I stopped counting these because there are so many here.
Namaqua Dove
African Collared Dove
African Silverbill
Common Bulbul

Man disturbing locusts, North Kordofan (Hakim Abdi)

Locusts, North Kordofan (Hakim Abdi)

Hakim Abdi

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