Monday, 1 June 2015

My final post from Sudan

It is with sadness that I write my final post after 5 wonderful years here in Sudan, as I will be heading off tomorrow for a new teaching job in Hangzhou, China. The birding has been exciting, with so much still to be discovered here. I have met many great people and made many great friends through my birding in Sudan, from countries all over the world. There are still relatively few Sudanese birdwatchers, but hopefully they will lead ornithology forward in the country in the coming years and make many new discoveries.
Ma'a salama Sudan

Tom Jenner


  1. Tom - sorry we didn't in the end have a chance to meet up in Sudan. I'll let you know of any future visits I make there in case you can put me in touch with someone to mooch around with. Good luck in China. I have no idea where Hangzhou is or how close it is to Beijing, but let me know your coordinates because I may need to visit China for work in the not too distant future... Safe travels. Ben.

  2. Dear Tom. Sad to hear you're going. Your posts have really brought my Sudanese experience back to me and I shall miss them greatly. Good luck in China although I fear you will not see as many birds as along the Nile!

  3. Tom, my birding trips with you around Khartoum were amongst the best memories I have in Sudan. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for all those good moments I spent with you and Terry. I wish you and your family all the best in your new life in China and of course a lot of new birds! Julie