Thursday 16 September 2010

Visible migration at Tuti

On September 12th Mark Boyd, Mark Mallalieu, Tom Maley and I went out to Tuti island. There were few new migrants on the island itself (except for some new Tree Pipits), but there were good numbers of birds flying south over the island that were clearly migrating. There were some quite large groups of European Turtle Doves, with probably around 100 birds seen in total.  Several groups of Golden Orioles also passed over, numbering perhaps 25 in total. We saw a few Sand Martins, a group of Yellow Wagtails, a single Glossy Ibis, a group of Lesser Black-backed Gulls and several Whiskered Terns. None of these was particularly unexpected, but it made for exciting birding when you were never quite sure what the next batch of birds would bring. The movements seemed to be over by about 9am.

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