Friday 3 February 2012

Visit to KICS stables on the Blue Nile

The school where I work (KICS) has a stables on the Blue Nile just south of Khartoum. It is a lovely location with many good birds and I have seen over 80 species on my various visits. I made a couple of short visits last week to see what was around. One of these visits was with the riding instructor David Hancock, who is also a birdwatcher. The riding club is approved by the UK Pony Club, which encourages the students to study for badges in various activities related to riding, but also other activities, including birdwatching. David and I discussed how we could introduce the birdwatching badge and get some of the students to learn some of the birds in the area. With quality species like Egyptian Plover available on most rides along the beach, there will be plenty for them to look at.

Egyptian Plover, KICS Stables Blue Nile January 2012

Common Stonechat, KICS Stables Blue Nile January 2012

Northern Wheatear, KICS Stables Blue Nile January 2012

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