Wednesday 22 August 2012

My first Tuti Island visit of the autumn

On Monday I made my first visit to Tuti Island since arriving back from my summer vacation. It was good to see that the Lesser and Greater Blue-eared Starlings were back, as they had not yet returned when I left in June. I didn't see any adult Lesser's, but there were several young birds in their distinctive juvenile plumage.

Juvenile Lesser Blue-eared Starling, Tuti 20th August 2012

One bird that I have not previously seen on Tuti is the Abyssinian Roller, though it has been reported here by others. I was therefore pleased to see my first today. Surprisingly, I had also seen one while driving through downtown Khartoum to get to the island this morning.

Abyssinian Roller, Tuti 20th August 2012

There were a few migrants already present including a few waders, a Lesser Grey Shrike, and some Hoopoes, plus many of the usual resident species.

Lesser Grey Shrike, Tuti 20th August 2012

Red-billed Hornbill and African Mourning Dove, Tuti 20th August 2012


  1. Hi Tom

    Great to see your blog resumed after your holiday. Interesting to note Palearctic migrants already appearing: I've only had Common Sandpipers and Common Swifts here in Juba. If you manage to get photos of Greater Blue-eared Starling I'd be very interested as that species has proved hard to confirm down here. Bronze-tailed and Lesser Blue-eared are the most frequent glossy starlings of similar structure.


  2. Hi Mark
    I will try and get some photos of Greaters tomorrow. I have been trying for a while now to get some good comparison shots of Greaters and Lessers together, but without much success.


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