Tuesday 3 December 2013

A brief return visit to Khartoum Sewage Works

Yesterday I popped in after work to have a quick look at the birds at the Khartoum Sewage Treatment site. I was mainly interested in checking on the duck resembling a Cape Teal that I had seen previously. There were plenty of Gargany and, as mentioned in the edit to my previous post, this is probably the species I had confused with Cape Teal due to the bill appearing red in the photo. There was a similar selection of birds, with the addition of a female Southern Pochard. All my previous sightings have been males, making me wonder if they were the only birds to venture this far north. Another good sighting was a Long-legged Buzzard. They are supposedly fairly common around Khartoum, but this was my first sighting in the area.

Long-legged Buzzard, Khartoum Sewage Works 2nd December 2013

Female Southern Pochard, Khartoum Sewage Works 2nd December 2013

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  1. Saw only one LL Buzz. the entire period '83 - '84, in the Gezira on a bus journey between Wad Medani and Ed Dueim, Feb '84.

    Paul Tout, Trieste, ITA