Monday, 24 September 2012

A cuckoo arrives from Ceredigion

The British Trust for Ornithology has tagged some British cuckoos to find out where they move to on migration. Their website allows you to see the movements of each tagged individual. One, named David, has just turned up in Sudan! The bird was originally tagged in Ceredigion in West Wales. My regular birding companion Terry, who is from Ceredigion, will be interested to know that he has been followed here. I am a little surprised that these British birds are travelling so far east, as many other populations of species breeding in Britain tend to head straight south to West Africa.


  1. We have past experiences in following and locating tagged migratory birds visited Sudan through Sudanese Wildlife Society during last years in collaboration with international organizations . During 2008 ,we were locating tagged critically endangered sociable lapwing which is the largest group of this species migrated to Africa and the project still continue in collaboration with RSPB. Also we followed imperial eagle tagged in Bulgaria and the signal stopped in Sudan. Only feathers of the bird were seen in the site and the bird may be eaten by a predator or dead for any possible causes.
    We can also follow this bird if we get the coordinates and money for traveling
    Esmat Elfaki
    Sudanese Wildlife Society