Friday, 21 September 2012

Ed Dueim - By Julie DeWilde

This weekend (Sept 14th and 15th), I went with Laurent to Ed Dueim area, for some camping and some birdwatching. A lot of pied crows, cattle egrets, black kites and Abdim storks were flying above Ed Dueim. We camped about ten km north from Ed Dueim (14°05.897 N ; 032°15.825 E). At the camping site, and all along the road, Abyssinian rollers were everywhere; some with long streams some others without but all with the typical white face! You really couldn’t miss them! One had a broken beak and looked weird.

Abyssinian Roller, Ed Duim 14th/15th Sept 2012

The Nile was still high, it was not a good site for waders, but I could observe some little egrets in flooded fields and of course some spur-winged plovers. Some long-tailed cormorant and gull-billed terns were observed flying above the Nile. A group of big white birds were flying toward south in the middle of the Nile but much too far to be identified (egrets? Spoonbills? Pelicans?). 

Black-headed Heron, Ed Duim 14th/15th Sept 2012

Around the tent, I could see the usual doves observed on tuti (namaqua dove, laughing dove and mourning dove), hoopoes, spotted flycatchers, red-billed firefinches, young golden oriole, red-billed hornbill, young lesser grey-shrike, isabelline shrikes, isabelline wheatear, village weavers and a yellow-crowned bishop which was my first one in Sudan. A group of about 30 black kites were gathering in a field.

Yellow-crowned Bishop, Ed Duim 14th/15th Sept 2012

Isabelline Shrike, Ed Duim 14th/15th Sept 2012

Lesser Grey Shrike, Ed Duim 14th/15th Sept 2012

Spotted Flycatcher, Ed Duim 14th/15th Sept 2012

As for birds of prey, I could observe grasshopper buzzard, montagu’s harrier, and an eagle which I couldn’t unfortunately identified as it was flying too far.

Grasshopper Buzzard, Ed Duim 14th/15th Sept 2012

Before going back to Khartoum we stopped in an interesting “maya” south of Ed Dueim (13°58.627’N ; 032°18.783’E). In this maya, I could observe a group of 11 glossy ibis, with some black-winged stilt, and one black-tailed godwit. In the maya surroundings I observed some little egrets and one great egret, several african jacanas, a squacco heron and a gull-billed tern. Some greater blue-eared starlings as well.

Glossy Ibises and Godwit, Ed Duim 14th/15th Sept 2012

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